Stefan Kelber, born in Rio de Janeiro -Brazil, the German musician has a very diverse musical education. Since he was seven years old, he learnt the violin at Rio de Janeiro -Brazil, with Prof. José Alves da Silva. From 1995, Stefan studied at the Musikhochschule Köln, Standort Wuppertal with Professor Johannes Prelle. It was followed by a music pedagogy degree and music education degree with Professor Karl-Heinz Zarius. In 2004, Stefan began his viola studies with Susanne Scholz at the Musikhochschule Köln, Standort Wuppertal. In 2006, Stefan graduated with high distinction. Whilst still studying, Stefan Kelber commenced conducting lessons with Frank Doolan, GMD Stefan Fraas, Professor Andreas Weiss (Karlsruhe), Lothar Seyfarth (Weimar) and Prof. Manfred Fabricius (Berlin).


Before Stefan Kelber was appointed as Head at the music school ATARAXIA in Schwerin, he was a soloist, member and guest conductor of various ensembles, including 

Youth Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonisches Junges Orchester Wuppertal, Philharmonie Südwestfalen, Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz, Bayrisches Symphonieorchester München, Kammerphilharmonie Leipzig, Vogtland Philharmonie, Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra Brisbane, Junges Sinfonieorchester Berlin and Youth Symphonyorchestra Ecuador.


Stefan Kelber is currently the Artistic Director of the Youth Symphonieorchestra of Schwerin.