The Musical Journey of Stefan Kelber: A Biography


Early Years in Rio de Janeiro

Stefan Kelber, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, entered the fascinating world of music at the age of 7. His musical journey began with violin lessons taught by the renowned Prof. José Alves da Silva.


The Path to Germany

In 1995, Stefan continued his musical education at the prestigious Escola Superior de Música de Colônia, in the department of Wuppertal, Germany. There, he received guidance from Prof. Johannes Prelle in the art of the violin. But that was just the beginning.


The Breadth of Musical Knowledge

Stefan Kelber didn't limit himself to playing the violin. He deepened his understanding of music through studies in music pedagogy under the guidance of Prof. Karl-Heinz Zarius.


Expanding the Repertoire

The year 2004 marked a pivotal moment in his musical evolution when he began to study the viola. Under the tutelage of Susanne Scholz at the Escola Superior de Música de Colônia, in the department of Wuppertal, he graduated in 2006 with top honors.


The Versatility of Musical Talent

In parallel with his efforts on string instruments, Stefan Kelber expanded his skills as a conductor. He studied with Frank Doolan, GMD Stefan Fraas, Prof. Andreas Weiss, Lothar Seyfarth, and Prof. Manfred Fabricius. This made him a complete musician, shining both as a soloist and as a conductor.


Successes and Engagement

Before assuming his current position as the director of the prestigious Musikschule "Joseph-Schmidt" in Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin, Stefan Kelber held prominent roles. He led the string department and oversaw orchestra work at the "Paul Hindemith" Music School in Berlin-Neukölln. Additionally, he was a sought-after soloist and a member of various groups, including the Orquestra Jovem do Rio de Janeiro, the Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira, and many other internationally renowned orchestras.


The Continuing Journey

Currently, Stefan Kelber also serves as the Artistic Director of the Youth Orchestra of the City of Schwerin, continuing to inspire and shape the musical landscape with his passion and mastery.